Meet the Cavetts

Dorcas C. & Alva B. Cavett Elementary School


“Schools are asked to do more, to teach more, to cope with more all the time.  But after all, that is the place, I think, where the very best hope for mankind and for the universe can be found.”  

-Dorcas Cavett

Dorcas Crawford Cavett and Alva B. Cavett greatly influenced both teachers and students throughout their careers in education and had a significant effect on the lives of children throughout the Lincoln Community. 

Dorcas Cavett began teaching in Lincoln in 1948 at Prescott Elementary and moved to Bancroft Elementary in 1953.  Her career highlights include her work on the University of Nebraska faculty where she provided valuable training for teachers of math and reading.  Mrs. Cavett guided and positively influenced thousands of teachers and students as a model of excellence in the field of education.

Alva B. Cavett taught English at Lincoln High School for 28 years after teaching in Comstock, Gibbon, and Grand Island.  Cavett was not only an outstanding educator but his insights and humor added greatly to his scholarly academic standards.  He managed the business affairs of the Lincoln High School athletic program; and upon his retirement, he served the school district for 20 years in managing the business aspects of Seacrest Field.

Through their commitment to eduction and particularly young people, Dorcas and Alva Cavett contributed much to the lives of Lincoln’s children and together made a lasting and positive impact on this community.