Walk @ Work “Week”

In an effort to promote family togetherness and a healthy lifestyle, the Cavett Wellness Team invites you to come to Cavett to Walk @ Lunch the Week of April 27th-May 1st.

Please come join your child during their lunch recess and walk the Cavett track. Check the Cavett website for grade lunch/recess times. Tuesday, April 26th is a PLC day so lunch/recess times are adjusted slightly.

If lunch time doesn’t work for parents to come, we encourage you to walk the track in the evening with your child. You may choose to eat lunch with your child. Be sure to reserve your school lunch a day early. If you bring a lunch to school to share with your child, we encourage no fast food meals and no sodas.

The National Walk at Lunch Day is sponsored by BCBS of NE. They will make a donation to Nebraska Game & Parks and Special Olympics for each group that participates. We are excited to participate and be a part of this fundraising activity!

Go Cavett Cardinals, let’s get walking!!