A Cause 4 Paws!

Annually, Cavett Student Advisory Board Members develop and present proposals for a community service project they would like our school to adopt. This year we had many creative and thoughtful proposals. In the end, the Student Advisory Board Members selected Cause 4 Paws. This proposal was created by Phoebe Ford and Abby Pinkelman.

Cause 4 Paws will benefit animals at the Pieloch Pet Adoption Center (6500 S. 70th Street). The Pieloch Pet Adoption Center is the adoption and education center for Capital Humane Society. The Capital Humane Society receives thousands of homeless animals each year. Many of those animals play with, sleep upon or are groomed with donated items. They greatly appreciate the gifts given to the shelter to help them care for the animals. Cause 4 Paws will run from April 6-17. Collection barrels will be located in the main hallway. Barrels will be marked “food/toys/treats” and “supplies”.

Collection bins will be waiting in our halls when students arrive back to school on Monday, April the 6th. Thank you in advance for supporting this wonderful cause. We have set a school-wide goal of 750 items.

Below is a wish list of items from the Humane Society webpage.

Things used everyday:
*Non-clumping cat litter
*Exam gloves-all sizes
*High efficiency laundry detergent
*Purina dog/puppy/cat & kitten food
*Purina Small Bites
*Large Trash Bags
*Paper Towels
*Ziploc sandwich bags
*Collars & leashes-especially for large dogs
*Timothy hay for small animals
*Dog treats
*Peanut Butter
*Scrub Tops & Bottoms
*Aspen bedding or Shredded Paper
*Yesterday’s News – used as bedding for ferrets &
*Hand Sanitizer
*Lint Rollers

Other items used:
*Cleaning Sponges
*Puppy housetraining pad
*Gentle Leader for dogs
*Window cleaner
*Rubber gloves (all sizes)
*Small Critter food
*Pill Pockets
*Cat & dog treats
*Kong toys/Hard Rubber toys
*Washable cat toys
*Towels & blankets
*Aluminum cans
*Shoe boxes
*Heating pads
*Shirt boxes
*Office supplies
*Swiffer Duster pads
*Sink Cleaners
*Toilet Bowl cleaners
*Lysol Disinfectant Spray
*Distilled Water
*AA or AAA Energizer or Duracell Batteries
*Blank DVD-R CD’s