5th Graders in the News: Art from the Ashes

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Every year, each of the 36 elementary schools in Lincoln take part in the Traveling Banner Exhibit. For the past 17 years, the most recent banners have been displayed around the Capital City, but most of last years banners went up in smoke.

They’re calling it the “Art From The Ashes project. When the fire at the Lincoln Public School district headquarters caused about 20 million dollars in damage just about all of last year’s art banners were destroyed in the blaze. But all is not lost. The 6 foot tall works of elementary art are being recreated, one banner at a time.

Conner Lardenoit was a 5th grader at Cavett last year and he enjoyed working on his schools banner, “We have a lot of fun cause it’s a once in a lifetime opportunity for our school. This is really important because it represents every Cavett fifth grader last year.”

Now, these Cavett kids are finishing what they started. The Hawaiian-themed banner was supposed to be completed back in May, but as fate would have it, it was never finished and therefore, wasn’t burnt up in the in the fire. Brylee White was relieved, “It made me feel really blessed because I heard that all the other ones did except for ours. I was thinking the other night, ‘Wow, I can’t believe ours wasn’t in there. I’m so glad we didn’t finish it. I was upset at the end of the year that we didn’t, but now I’m kinda glad we didn’t.

Cavett Art Specialist Lynne Faulkner feels the traveling banner project allows the community to see what kids are creating in LPS elementary schools, “I think they’re good ambassadors for the children’s art and for our art programs. So, I think it’s a really great way to communicate with our public.”

Mrs. Faulkner says pictures were taken of the 30 destroyed banners and work will soon begin to recreate them, “The photographer is enlarging from photographs, and then enlarging those banners onto a canvas, so we’ll have a part of those banners back. It will be nice.”

It’s a very involved process, but Mrs. Faulkner feels bringing the lost banners back to life is essential, “It beautifies our community and beautifies our lives and so I think it’s very important. It’s incredibly important that we continue to bring beauty into our lives and involve kids in that process.

The cost to recreate one banner is approximately $140 dollars. That means they will need to raise $4,000 dollars to pay for all of them.

If you would like to donate to the *art from the ashes* project just go to http://www.lps.org/post/detail.cfm?id=4723